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The point of this is to point out the goals of the students, and hopefully get some sponsors for the club. You just submit and you'll have an online profile you can add to applications or just as a personal profile reference page. If your in the poetry club at BHS, then you'll get a form. If you are a High School student and would like to submit, fill this form and email the form back to Jimmy @

If you would like to sponsor the Club, or any of the students, click the "Support" Option in navigation.

Send me an email via this page.

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I just figured out how to make college donation boxes.

You can make one too. Just get a paypal account and I'll make you the table(free of course). Paypal is free service that allows you to collect money and transfer it to your Bank account. So you need a bank account #. Once you sign up, they put two small sums into your bank, and you have to call the bank and find out the value of those. Then sign up for premium(free), and click the sell tab, and check out the right column. There's a link there to give you a donation button. Email the button code to and your name and I'll add it to your student profile.

Here's what my table looks like.:

Jimmy's College Fund
Charles Parker
Donation: $2
Total: $2
Spare $1?

I need the teachers to do this too so we can have people put money from the site. I do not intend on getting money from other teachers or parents, but I did try to set the site up on several search engines, it's only a matter of time until they get posted, and from there, I can edit the meta to help drive more people. So far though, it's not on any search I've seen.
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