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Student Profiles: "Jack" Johnston

Name: Jacquelyn Johnston Birth Date: 1985 Class: 2004 State: TX

School: Birdville High School
Hopeful Future Job: Mortician/Coroner, bartender, owner, sniper, spy, poet . Of the Poeple for the people and by me: leader, challenger, defender.
Planned College: Basic 2 year motuary schooling/ 6yrs for coroner.
Longterm Goals: To live life to the fullest. Main mission: To lean everything about anything.
Short-term Goals: deal w/life to the fullest. Take baby steps.
Outside of School Hobbies: Swimming, poetry, learning (<-- of course) reading, running, DRINKING COFFEE W/FRIENDS.
Favorite Poems, Books, movies, etc: Poems: Kidnap poem by Nikki Giovanni, on arrival by Richard Howard, Oh captain my captain by walt whitman, etc. Books: Hannible, The poison wood bible, ALL THE LORD OF THE RINGS BOOKS, Divine secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood etc.

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