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Student Profiles: Shawn Garcia

Name: Shawn Garcia Birth Date: 1975 Class: Senior/College State: CA

School: Fresno State
Hopeful Future Job: Photo Journalism
Dream Future Job: Gallery Owner
Majors/Minors?: Majoring in Fine Art/Minor is Philosophy
Longterm Goals: Masters degree
Short-term Goals: 200 piece portfolio
General Personality: Mellow Introvert w/ occasional obnoxious behavoir
Favorite Poems, Books, movies, etc: Leonard Cohen, Bukowski, Rumi, Hafiz The Matrix, Crouching Tiger..., Pi

Submitted poems

Student Poems:

Lack of Love

Love may call
but it will
never beg....
It can follow
you around like
a lost puppy
or act like a
child and tug
on your leg...

Love cuts deep
and the blood
drips thick
The wounds
may not let
you sleep...
and your heart
will harden
like a brick
til your days
are filled with
with loveless, lifeless
gray bullshit.
Trying to conquer
love, would be like
trying to hold the sun
it cant be done
not by you or
any other.
Not Rumi
or even

Life is too short
to be unloved
it has too many riddles
too many rhymes
not enough time
to shelter your heart
or fight over mine
We all need stars and space
to realize the infinite
possibilities and the short
time we spend on this place.
This mud pie...
this gleam in your eye
this dust ball whirling by
this gem in the sky
with you and I
the last to cry
as we watch the world
......from lack of love.

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