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Student Profiles: Geoff Rose

Name: Geoff Rose Birth Date: 1985 Class: 2004 State: TX

School: Birdville High School
Hopeful Future Job: Film Maker
Future Majors/Minors: Cinematography, film editing, directing.
Estimated GPA: 4.0
Longterm Goals: High School, College, Success, therapy. (in that order)
Short-term Goals: Get a car, job, and money..
In School Electives: Studio (Theatre III)
Any Community Service?: A few hours with theatre.
General Personality: Guarded and Inquisitive
Favorite Poems, Books, movies, etc: "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe; Anything by Chuck Palahnuik; Glory, The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Pleasantville, the Matrix, O' Brother where art thou?, Ghostdog; The way of the Samurai.


I look around and I see all the pain and
evil around me. All the pain and suffering. People suffering. Innocent
people. Suffering. And I am powerless, to help them. Powerless. I see
injustice. Powerless. I see death. Powerless. I see mental and physical
anguish. Powerless. I have great anger because I am powerless.
Powerless. I wish to help, but I am powerless. Powerless. My heart and body are racked with ache. Powerless. My mind can't understand...can't percieve.
Powerless. What is the purpose? What is the reason? Why must it be?
Powerless. I am powerless. There is no answer. Powerless. There is only
anger. Powerless. There is no one to fight. No one to blame. Powerless.
Yet the anger still exists. I know...why things are. But no
one knows... For sure. Powerless. My body aches more. Powerless. My
mind cracks more. Powerless. Who will make 'the pain' stop? Powerless. Who
will help these people? Powerless. Who will answer these questions?
Powerless. I won't be powerless anymore. Powerful.

Geoff has submitted the Raven as a Classical Poem and his own poem, "Powerless"

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