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Student Profiles: Ryan Cochran

Name: Ryan Cochran Birth Date: 1985 Class: 2004 State: TX

School: Birdville High School
Hopeful Future Job: Psychologist.
Future Majors/Minors: Psychology, Sociology, and History.
Estimated GPA: 3.4
Planned College: Tarleton University or Stephen F. Austin University.
Longterm Goals: Forfill my dream job.
Short-term Goals: GRADUATE.
In School Electives: Football, poetry club, Fish heads, pals.
Outside of School Electives: Big Brother.
Any Community Service?: Big Brother.
Favorite Poems, Books, movies, etc: Poem- "Time waits for no one" by Shakespeare. Book- "Lord of the Flies". Movie- "Batman"

Submitted Poems

I hold in my hand

I hold in my hand the future,
As Lovely and serene as the day it was born.
We both stroll down hand in hand,
Laughing as we dig our toes in the sand.
Years later, they come to me for advice,
And we converse about life's many heights.
Before I know, my future has grown,
And set their morals and values in stone.
So, as I sit here aging,
The world's matters my future's engaging.
Weeping at the marvelous person I've mold,
They come to me and clasp my hand,
And for the last time, the future in my hand I hold.

Ryan has submitted his own poem, "I hold in my hand"

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