BHS poetry Club


Any type of donations will be accepted; We could use a few extra
dollars for materials, trips, etc or even the donut fund. If you will donate money you can make your own contests for us.

Like, for example, $10 for the person who writes you the best poem (or essay) about the topic you select. Any people who submit will have their essays forwarded to you for review.

This could also be used as a survey. For example, asking to write an essay about what is wrong with public schools, with a reward on the best essay.

Remember, we're just a bunch of high school students. It would help us greatly if anyone donated to add to a college fund.

If you would like to donate or sponsor our club in some way contact Birdville High School @ 9100 Mid Cities blvd, North Richland Hills Texas U.S.A., or call 817 547-8000 and ask about the poetry club. Sorry, as of yet, no paypal account can be made.

$ donations are not the only way you can help us. It would also help us greatly if you could link our site to yours.

If you would like more information, contact me via email.

This site is only days old, so please bookmark it to view further updates.

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