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Student Poems


I am an apple

I am the apple
That sits in the trees.
You may take a bite,
But don't eat my seeds.

Hungry Kitty

I write a poem
I write it well
I read my poem
And think it's swell
I like to eat
It makes me fat
In fact I look
Just like my cat
I prance around
Like I'm a thing
That does that whole
Prancing around.... thing
My poem is done
Yes its through
I want to eat
How about you?

Dreams of Many

Your loving embrace
And your sweet scent
Caressing my face.
When I'm near you
I feel so strong
Like nothing could ever
Go so wrong.
The problems of life
They all drift away
I'm wishing this bliss
Will always stay.
Your peaceful presense
Cleansing my soul
Getting rid of the troubles
That have taken their toll.
I have found my muse!
Which has given me life
Freeing me of the chains
Of doubt, worry, and strife.
If love grew wings
Then I could fly
Fly to the heavens
With you by my side.
So take me away
From this life filled with fear.
Please take me fast
So we may always be near.

Forgiveness Never Comes

So many feelings
Such little time
Too many questions
I need time to unwind.
The world is unstable
Theres just too much change
Emotions keep coming
This hurt and this rage.
My heart, it's been broken
There's scars everywhere
But this new harsh blow
It's just too much to bear.
I feel as though its my fault
That this hand I have dealt
No words can describe
The awful pain that I've felt.
Damn these cursed feelings!
Why wont they go away?
They just keep coming back
Haunting me day after day.
If I could just say I'm sorry
If I could undo whats been done
Maybe you could still love me
And we'd be happy like everyone.
But such dreams are lies
Which I know will never be
So this one thing I ask of you,
Find it in your heart to forgive me.

Oh My 12oz Soda Can

Small strange thing,
Which sits within my hand.
Your label here states
You're from a foreign land.

Little aluminum can,
You are so very shiny.
The very thought of you
Makes me a tad bit whiny.

Oh my little soda,
How very sweet you taste,
And though you can cause cavities,
You shall not go to waste.

My little Dr. Pepper
With your letters oh so bright,
When my tummy calls on you,
You come with all your might.

O' my 12OZ soda can,
Please never go away,
You'll stay so cold and tasty,
And in my fridge you'll always stay!

I should have known

I should have known
That things would go bad.
My life would crash to pieces
And I'd lose all I had.
I should have known
Things were not right.
That my world was crumbling,
And I should've held tight.
I should have known,
I'd drown in my sorrow.
That yesterday was awful,
Just like tomorow.
I should have known
That it was a lie.
The hopes, the dreams,
Just like tomorow.
I should have known
It was not to be.
This joy, this happiness,
Was not meant for me.
I should have known
This pain never ends.
Its a deadly cycle
That dies and starts again.
I'm lost forever
And found for all time.
Living in my misery
Paying for my crime.


I hold in my hand

I hold in my hand the future,
As Lovely and serene as the day it was born.
We both stroll down hand in hand,
Laughing as we dig our toes in the sand.
Years later, they come to me for advice,
And we converse about life's many heights.
Before I know, my future has grown,
And set their morals and values in stone.
So, as I sit here aging,
The world's matters my future's engaging.
Weeping at the marvelous person I've mold,
They come to me and clasp my hand,
And for the last time, the future in my hand I hold.



I look around and I see all the pain and
evil around me. All the pain and suffering. People suffering. Innocent
people. Suffering. And I am powerless, to help them. Powerless. I see
injustice. Powerless. I see death. Powerless. I see mental and physical
anguish. Powerless. I have great anger because I am powerless.
Powerless. I wish to help, but I am powerless. Powerless. My heart and body are racked with ache. Powerless. My mind can't understand...can't percieve.
Powerless. What is the purpose? What is the reason? Why must it be?
Powerless. I am powerless. There is no answer. Powerless. There is only
anger. Powerless. There is no one to fight. No one to blame. Powerless.
Yet the anger still exists. I know...why things are. But no
one knows... For sure. Powerless. My body aches more. Powerless. My
mind cracks more. Powerless. Who will make 'the pain' stop? Powerless. Who
will help these people? Powerless. Who will answer these questions?
Powerless. I won't be powerless anymore. Powerful.


The Poets Curse.

The misfortunes of the dead carry on,
It's that luck that is passed from beyond!
After some time,
when we start to rhyme,
We are never with more than a dime!

Annonymous: You forgot to sign your name.


This love I give to you today
Is more voluptuous than I could ever say,
For it's filled with warmth and happiness
That overcomes the soul with serene bliss.

No other emotion could ever describe
The pleasures you give me, and that's no lie.
The touch of your hand and taste of your kiss
Emulates the passion of. . . of this!

Thoughts of you fly like doves in my head
As I dream of you lying peacefully in bed.
Many relationships come and many go,
But to leave you for another. . . I'll say no!

If love is a game and Cupid's keeping score,
This love, compared to others, would soar!
So take my hand, O sweet, and let's not waste
Any time we may have to cherish at base,
For this is no simple love. . . it's our love!

Nothing without you

You were the light in my darkest times,
And my savior in all binds.
You spread my wings when I could not fly,
Allowing me to soar ever so high.
All the times when I was down and blue,
I was nothing without you.
Your smile brought upon warmth and ease,
As my spirit you would please.
Never allowing me to fail in life,
And keeping my wits sharp as a knife.
All these years you've helped me as I grew,
But I'm still nothing without you.
As I stand here before your name,
I ask for your aid, but it's not the same.
The thought of you gone has not become clear,
As I wait for the comfort of you here.
Although I must now start my life anew,
I will always be nothing without you...


I sit here crushed and confused
my body has been battered and bruised
I just want to know how did I get here;
the monotony is swelling
calculating complexities not even thought of
among them why im not with you
this day is endless...if tomorrow does come
will the sun be blinding
what can bring me back... back to your heart
feelings of remorse...mixed and construed
with feelings I havent felt yet
with the grasp of your hand...
a touch on my cheek
I will feel the warmth...the warmth we cant keep
so I will slowly drift back to numb
I see my breath
while im sitting waiting dying
for a phone call that will just never come.

Who am I?

Born from your soul
Granted with your grace
Blessed with your beauty
Pieced together with the enigmas of your face

Gifted with your character
Voiced with your laughter
Consumed with your presence
Featured with your forever after

Filled with your emotion
Driven by your love
Carried by your courage
Lifted by your heart like that of a dove

As I sit here all alone
I ponder that ever burning question
Who am I? I ask...and marvel.. for whatever to be true
Well Lord...that who I am is... and will always be you!

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