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:: Jimmy Ruska ::

Hi, I'm Jimmy Ruska, and I am a Junior at Birdville High School. I play soccer and do other stuff. For now I'm just taking up space to make the layout look more complete, so blah. I will continue taking up indubidubly by using big gargantuan words and repeating repeating, the same things redundundundundantly. Isn't that weird? Stuff rocks, so does rocks stuff? Want something to think about???

How do porcupines mate!?!!?!??! I never figured that one out. Do they fall sideways and kinda shuffle over...? I feel sorry for the guy porcupines! Ouch! Hmm... only a little more and it looks halfway complete! yeay! Beaner beaner on the wall, whose the brownest of them all? Picture a crazy old man with an Italian accent after seriously thinking silently... he found something and anxiously concludes it trying to transfer it to words... stuttering... I'm a, I'm a... PISTACHIO!!!

Wouldn't the orphans be kinda pissed at the movie stuart little...? It's a mouse adopted by rich loving parents. I'm getting closer and closer and closer and closer closer and closer and closer and closer and closer, ok done!

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