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Mrs. Hill

Complex Sentence Quiz
Explanation of a complex Sentence.
Sentence Type Quiz
Quiz on Sentence Types
Explanation of a compound Sentences
Download Scarlet Letter
Read Scarlet Letter
Read Scarlet Letter
Spark Notes
BookRag notes
Pinkmonkey Notes
Webster Dictionary
Free Ebooks

MLA Format:

Author. "Title of Article." Title of Periodical Date: First page-last page.

Seinfeld, Jerry. "What I Did Today." People 4 Dec. 1997: A10.

Jackson, Michael and Lisa Marie Presley. "Why We Got Married." National Enquirer 01 Feb. 1998: 4-5.

Foreign Languages

Free Translations
Altavista Translations

Mrs. Allen

Projects Site

Ap U.S. History CD

Study Guides & Homework
Download CD (only 450k)
Bartleby all around great reference.
Encarta Encyclopedia
Britannica Encyclopedia


Cisco Net Academy

Computer Stuff

Programming Bibles
Misc Programming Ebooks
Kazaa Lite
Program "backup" Copies
My Guide To Removing Pop-ups and Spam
My Guide to burning anything.
My Html Tutorial.

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